Interior Painting Auckland

Top 5 Things to consider when choosing interior painters

A quality interior paint job is a cost effective way to quickly refresh the interior of your home and have it feeling like new.  Choosing qualified painters to get a premium interior finish is critical to getting the best result.

Our top 5 tips for achieving a great interior painting finish:



You should always hire qualified and experienced painters who are able to accurately assess the surfaces to be painted. A thorough review of your existing home surfaces is essential to choosing the preparation approach and the right products to achieve a premium interior finish.

Detailed and forthcoming

Professional painters will provide you with key details such as the type of surface preparation, the steps taken to complete the job, priming techniques, the products to be used and a time estimate to complete the work.

Great preparation attention

Preparing your surface for painting is a critical step for getting a great interior painting finish. If done incorrectly, the paint will degrade quickly and chip easily. Dirty walls should be cleaned, especially kitchen walls near the stove and sink, as greasy deposits and soap scum can also interfere with the adhesion of paint.

Be aware of extra costs

A professional painting company will communicate potential extra charges that are involved in their services e.g. removal of heavy furniture, areas that are taller than 8ft and require scaffolding or additional safety measures. Additionally, if there are problem areas or surface conditions that you are aware of, it’s a good idea to raise these early in conversations so that your painter can plan to achieve the best finish.


It is really important to choose a professional painting company that you can communicate with easily and openly, as your needs and style will help to create a personalized finish you can be 100% satisfied with.